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7 Key Steps to a Painless and Profitable Home Sale

  1. Choosing the Best Agent for the Job

    An agent takes away the burden of all these things, and works to get your home sold for the best price in the fastest time. After all—you’ve got a life to live.

  2. Price Right to Profit More

    If you want to get as much for your home as possible within a reasonable time frame, you need to get the price right.

  3. Prepare to Amaze

    How your home shows now is how people see themselves in it. They can’t see past the chips, leaks, clutter and stains—in fact, they tend to focus even more on those things.

  4. Maximize Exposure to Buyers

    Getting the word out about your home matters for two critical reasons. First, buyers can’t be interested if they don’t know your home exists. But more important still, the more buyers you have interested in your home, the higher the potential sale price, and the faster the sale.

  5. Show it Off

    As interest in your home rises, so will interest in seeing the real thing. It’s time to show off your masterpiece to prospective buyers.

  6. Negotiate Like a Master

    Remember, even 1% more for your home can mean thousands to your bottom line.

  7. Calculating Your Net Proceeds 

    There are a number of closing costs to consider, for example: Legal Fees, Mortgage Fees, Commission, Property Tax, Moving Cost etc.