Decluttering your home makes for a calmer environment

Janis Nicolay for The best way to declutter your home is stop buying things by Rebecca Keillor.


“I really try and encourage people to think quality over quantity,” she says.

One area of our lives that is becoming increasingly cluttered but has often been left out of the spotlight is our digital devices, Stoller says.

“You can have a perfectly decluttered house and then you go to your computer and you can’t find anything,” she says.

This is another form of mental clutter, she says, and can be just a debilitating as any overcrowded room in your home.

“Our minds are so overwhelmed by our inboxes with social media, and our computers are now becoming a mess.,” she says.

The decluttering approach of Marie Kondo advises people to pick up an item and ask if it “sparks joy ;” if it doesn’t, we’re going to thank it for its service and get rid of it. Stoller says this doesn’t appeal to everyone, with some individuals wishing clearing out a more practical, perhaps quick-fire strategy.


If you want to stick to your decluttering habits, don’t attempt to tackle your entire home ; you’re just going to get bored and give up, tells Stoller. It’s going to do it ten minutes a day, she claims. Like Kondo, Stoller advises that you choose a category to organize, such as clothes or books, rather than a space.

Decluttering instruments, such as boxes labeled “donate” and “sell” (which Stoller sells through her website come down) that you can maintain in your closet are useful if you want to consolidate fresh practices, she suggests.

“They’re pretty fabric baskets and seeing them everyday will encourage you to use them every day.”

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