7 Simple Ways to Invest in Your Yard for Big Returns!

7 Simple Ways to Invest in Your Yard for Big Returns!

To potential buyers, what’s out in the front yard and in behind a house can be just as important as what’s inside it. Spending a little time (and money) elevating the outdoor areas can have a significant payoff when the offers start rolling in this selling season.

Colour Blocking
Take a page from a popular fashion trend — colour blocking — and transpose its traits into your landscape design. Pick out a patio wall and paint a bold colour (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, two or three in the same tonal family) or colour block your flower beds! It creates a visual frame to highlight any outdoor amenities such as an outdoor fire pit or a row of potted plants.

Flower Power
Whether making a good first impression with a potential suitor or blowing away a potential buyer, flowers are always a good idea. Armed with a spade, some potting meal and slew of bright buds in a single colour, line front pathways, ring trees and fill porch pots for instant curb appeal.

Play It Forward
In 2017, backyards are going beyond bench seats and flower boxes — one of this year’s biggest landscaping trends is having a place to play. Be it a backyard-sized bocce ball court or custom-made Cornhole set, setting up something fun for the future owners to play with could really pay off.

Light It Up
Give the backyard a boost with a set of café string lights crisscrossing just so. Illuminating outdoor spaces with these trendy trestles creates an inviting vintage vibe that begs potential buyers to pull up a chair and settle in for the night (and every night after that). 

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